Copyright: Mares P. W., 2021
Commercial rights: FuTuRisN LLC
Artist: Generative AI
Workshop: The Mechanical Shakespeare
Keywords: censorship, citizenship, civic rights, human rights.
Original language: Spanish
Translation: English

The Plaza de Callao is located in the center of the Spanish capital of Madrid. “Callao” in Spanish means a small, rounded stone due to erosion that is generally found on the banks of rivers and streams. While in Castilian the loss of the intervocalic -d- is considered vulgarism, it is a characteristic of Andalusian Spanish, especially when it forms a suffix or verbal ending. Thus, we lose -d- in Andalusia with expressive intention or in marked words without sounding vulgar. So, if we take calla’o with a silenced “d” it become “callado” — silenced, hushed, which would correlate the censored human to the small and insignificant stone that is censored by the river.


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Cuatro paredes, una pizarra, docenas de mesas y sillas:
el mapa social muestra las ubicaciones de la pobreza;
los trabajadores son herramientas humanas, sencillas,
pero ¿están a favor de la igualdad con certeza?

Las instrucciones se proporcionan por orden de quién gobierna,
reina la simpatía por quienes inclinan la cabeza ante los hechos,
el aula retrata a aquellos que no pueden estar o no les concierna,
la asistencia no se otorga por necesidad, méritos o derechos.

Y los hijos de padres dotados de opiniones individuales
son castigados y privados de medios, ayudas y materiales.
Y así se cumple sin más la profecía antigua de la Edad Oscura:
para recibir ayuda, tu trabajo de padre es la autocensura.


— Translation, All Rights Reserved —

Four walls, a blackboard, dozens of tables and chairs:
the social map shows the locations of poverty;
workers are human, simple tools,
but are they in favor of equality for sure?

Instructions are provided in order of who rules,
sympathy reigns for those who bow their heads to the facts,
the classroom portrays those who cannot be or are not concerned,
assistance is not granted out of necessity, merit or rights.

And the children of parents endowed with individual opinions
they are punished and deprived of means, aid and materials.
And so the ancient prophecy of the Dark Ages is fulfilled:
to receive help, your job as a parent is self-censorship.