in the hula loop


Title: In the Hula Loop
Copyright: Mares P. W., June 4, 2023
Commercial rights: FuTuRisN LLC
Workshop: The Mechanical Shakespeare
Keywords: Burnout
Original language: English

In the Hula Loop

— Original, All Rights Reserved —

Once there was a jolly magician,
Whose belly was as round as a bin.
He loved to make things disappear,
And brought joy to all who were near.

But there was a trick he longed to try,
A gymnastic hoop that made people sigh.
With a twirl and a spin, it would float in the air,
Oh, how he wished he could fit in there!

Alas, his girth was a great hindrance,
The hoop wouldn’t budge, not even an inch.
But this magician was full of dedication,
He wouldn’t let go of his magical creation.

He wrapped the hoop around his waist,
Turning it into a makeshift belt with haste.
With a smile on his face, he took to the stage,
Performing his tricks, despite the hoop’s rage.

The people would come, at first, in a crowd,
Laughing and clapping, feeling wowed.
But as time went on, they began to frown,
The magician’s act was getting them down.

For beneath the smile, they could see the strain,
The magician’s effort was causing him pain.
He started to lose weight, day by day,
And the hula hoop refused to stay.

It slipped and it slid, down to the ground,
Exposing the truth, oh, what a sound!
The people gasped, disapproval in their eyes,
The once beloved magician met with their sighs.

Determined, he held on, with all of his might,
For he couldn’t bear to lose his delight.
He forced a smile, as the days went by,
Keeping the hoop up, though he wanted to cry.

But his body grew tired, he couldn’t go on,
In his last breath, he thought he was gone.
But then, something incredible took place,
His body expelled all the stress it embraced.

The hoop fell to the ground, setting him free,
And suddenly, the magician could clearly see.
With a newfound lightness, he began to dance,
No longer bound by schedules or plans.

The people flocked to him, in awe and in cheer,
Supporting him, their love crystal-clear.
He earned more in an hour than in a week,
No longer judged by his outward physique.

This tale of the magician and his hoop,
Is a reminder to us, a resounding whoop.
Burnout is real, and it takes its toll,
But finding our worth is the ultimate goal.

Let us not be defined by our toil and strain,
But by the joy we bring, and the love we attain.
For when we find balance and a sense of peace,
Our magic will shine, and our souls will release.

Poem Analysis

In the poem In the Hula Loop, from her The Mechanical Shakespeare Sunday workshop, Mares P. W. captures the amusing and relatable tale of a jolly magician who, despite his larger size, brings joy to those around him. The magician’s longing to fit inside a hula hoop reflects his desire to excel and captivate his audience. However, his physical appearance presents a significant obstacle, yet he remains determined and unwilling to give up.

By creatively transforming the hoop into a makeshift belt, the magician continues to perform, even as the strain of maintaining the act takes its toll. The initial allure of the act gradually diminishes as the audience starts to recognize the magician’s struggle. The magician’s weight loss exacerbates the problem, causing the hula hoop to repeatedly fall, exposing the true challenges he faces. This could symbolize the magician being trapped in a cycle of expectations, stress, and the need for constant validation.

The magician persists, refusing to abandon his passion, even as he endures physical and emotional exhaustion. In a climactic moment, the stress becomes too much, and the magician collapses, seemingly at the brink of defeat. However, a transformative occurrence takes place as the magician’s body purges the accumulated stress, freeing him from the hoop’s constraints. By doing so, the magician embraces a transformative change, stepping out of the familiar and seeking a healthier and more fulfilling path.

With the hula hoop finally released, the magician experiences newfound lightness and begins to dance. Liberated from the demands and expectations that previously burdened him, he embraces the joy of self-expression. The people, captivated by his renewed energy, rally around him, expressing their support and love.

The magician’s success soars beyond measure, earning in one hour what used to take him a week of arduous effort. The poem emphasizes that true worth cannot be solely measured by appearances or physical attributes. It encourages individuals to reject the notion of defining themselves solely through work-related exigencies and expectations as those will substantially cause stress and strain.

Ultimately, “In the Hula Loop” serves as a powerful reminder of the realities of burnout and the importance of finding balance. It urges readers to prioritize joy, love, and personal well-being, instead of succumbing to the pressures of work and external expectations. When one discovers this equilibrium and inner peace, their authentic magic can truly shine, leading to a release of the soul and a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.
with purpose and fulfillment.

Targeted Audience

The most appropriate audience for this poem would be individuals who can relate to or have experienced the challenges and pressures of burnout in their lives. This includes people who have gone through periods of intense stress, overwork, and the feeling of being trapped in a cycle of expectations. It may resonate with individuals in various professions or creative fields who have encountered the strain of maintaining high performance or facing unrealistic demands.

Additionally, the poem can also appeal to those who appreciate allegorical storytelling and enjoy themes of personal growth, self-discovery, and finding balance. It speaks to anyone who seeks to break free from societal norms, redefine their worth, and prioritize their well-being and happiness.

Overall, the poem “In the Hula Loop” can resonate with a wide range of audiences, including professionals, artists, students, and individuals who have faced burnout or are seeking inspiration and encouragement to prioritize their mental, emotional, and physical health.