Title: Profesora
Copyright: Mares P. W., 2021
Commercial rights: FuTuRisN LLC
Workshop: The Mechanical Shakespeare
Keywords: teachers, education, last day of school.
Original language: Spanish
Translation: English, literary

Note: A literary translation involves capturing the artistic and aesthetic elements of the original text while effectively conveying its meaning, style, tone, and cultural nuances in the target language. Poetry presents unique challenges as translating rhyme, meter, rhythm, and poetic devices requires careful consideration of the target language’s poetic traditions and finding equivalent expressions that capture the essence of the original while fitting the target language’s poetic form.


— Original, All Rights Reserved —

Gracias querida profesora por este curso inolvidable,
por tu cariño, compresión, amor y besos,
por tu paciencia, trabajo duro y notable,
por enseñarnos a escribir, leer, ser menos traviesos,
por hacernos reír y apreciar a todos los progresos,
por dejarnos un espacio para crecer con alegría,
por apoyar a nuestros padres en lo que te pedían,
por tu alma intrépida de educadora infantil,
por tus valores, tu respeto y energía juvenil,
por esparcir sobre nosotros tu conocimiento,
por asegurar la salud nuestra en el distanciamiento,
por ser una profe inclusiva, sensible a los lamentos,
por darnos herramientas para desarrollar talentos,
por creer sin límites en nuestras capacidades,
por tu perdón, dulzura, cultivando las bondades,
por hacer de esta ciudad la mejor de ciudades,
te dejamos esta nota ya que pronto creceremos:
por querernos tanto, profesora,
siempre te recordaremos.


— Literary Translation, All Rights Reserved —

Thank you, dear teacher, for an unforgettable course,
For your love and guidance, an unwavering force.
Your patience and hard work, remarkable and true,
Teaching us to write, read, and be better too.

You made us laugh, cherished each step we took,
Appreciating progress, like pages in a book.
Creating a space for us to grow with joy,
Supporting our parents, their dreams you employ.

Your intrepid soul, a child’s educator,
Instilling values, respect, and youth’s vigor.
Spreading knowledge wide, like a gentle rain,
Nurturing our minds, washing away all pain.

In these times of distance, health you ensured,
An inclusive teacher, sensitive and assured.
Equipping us with tools, talents to unveil,
Believing in our limitless potential, without fail.

Your forgiveness and sweetness, kindness you’ve sown,
Making our city the best, like a crown to be worn.
As we bid farewell, as our journey unfolds,
Teacher, we’ll always remember the love you’ve bestowed.

Poem Analysis

The poem Profesora by Mares P. W. is a heartfelt poem that expresses gratitude and admiration towards a beloved teacher. The poem beautifully captures the impact and significance of the teacher’s presence in the lives of the students.

The poem begins by acknowledging the teacher’s role in providing an unforgettable course. It highlights the affection, understanding, love, and care the teacher has shown, along with their patience, hard work, and notable dedication. The teacher is praised for their ability to teach the students essential skills like reading and writing, while also helping them become less mischievous.

The poem continues by expressing gratitude for the teacher’s ability to bring laughter and appreciation for the students’ progress. The teacher is credited for creating a joyful space for the students to grow and for supporting their parents in their educational journey. The teacher’s adventurous spirit as an educator is recognized, along with their values, respect, and youthful energy that they bring to the classroom.

The poem also acknowledges the teacher’s efforts in imparting knowledge to the students, spreading their wisdom and ensuring their well-being, particularly during times of physical distancing (the COVID-19 pandemic). The teacher is praised for being inclusive, sensitive to the students’ struggles, and for providing them with tools to develop their talents. The unwavering belief in the students’ potential and the teacher’s forgiving nature and kindness are also highlighted.

The poem concludes by stating that the students will soon grow and move on, but they will always remember the teacher’s immense love. The teacher is deeply appreciated for their contributions in making the city a better place. The overall tone of the poem is one of gratitude, admiration, and a lasting bond between the students and their beloved teacher.

Targeted Audience

The targeted audience for the poem “Profesora” appears to be students who have had the experience of being taught by a beloved teacher. The poem is written from the perspective of the students, expressing their gratitude and appreciation towards their teacher. It captures the emotions and sentiments that students might feel towards an exceptional educator who has made a significant impact on their live.