Title: So Bored
Copyright: Mares P. W., May 25, 2023
Commercial rights: FuTuRisN LLC
Workshop: The Mechanical Shakespeare
Keywords: Transhumanism
Original language: English

SO BORED (The Cyborg Anthem)

— Original, All Rights Reserved —

In realms of dreams, where futures gleam,
transhuman tales, a fascinating scheme,
through Silicon shores and cyber streams,
a metamorphosis of human themes,
seeking paths where limits expire,
humans and tech in an embrace conspire.

In minds and wires, the merger ignites,
expanding horizons, transcending our sights,
from flesh to code, evolution takes flight,
unleashing potential, to reach for new heights:
we yearn to soar beyond our form,
where flesh and metal blend and swarm!

Transcending limits, we dare to explore,
merging with machines, we seek “something more” —
through augmentation, a quest to restore,
the bonds of mortality, forevermore*,
eternal life, a coveted quest,
biology’s chains we long to divest!

From neural networks to bionic limbs,
transcending biology, where life begins,
through quantum leaps our future brims
with possibilities as vast as the winds:
transhumanism, a delicate dance,
is blurring the lines of human expanse!

With nano-crafts coursing through our veins,
a synergy of biology and technology reigns,
evolving our essence, shedding our chains,
in a transhuman symphony our destiny claims
a journey of mind, body, and creation,
echoes the future’s resounding conciliation.

Yet, amidst the awe, let’s tread with care,
for wisdom and ethics we must declare
to safeguard empathy for all to share
as we forge ahead in this brave transhuman affair:
so, let us journey, hand in hand,
embrace the future as a neural command!

⁉ Do we have enough “backups” to restore “humanity”?

Poem Analysis

In the poem SO BORED, from her The Mechanical Shakespeare Sunday workshop, Mares P. W. explores the concept of transhumanism, the merging of human biology with advanced technology, and the implications of such a transformation. In essence, “SO BORED” is a contemplative and evocative exploration of transhumanism, presenting both the exciting potential and the cautionary aspects of a future where human and machine intertwine. It invites readers to ponder the ethical and philosophical implications of technological advancements that challenge the very nature of humanity.

1. Themes and Imagery
The poem opens by setting the scene in a realm of dreams and possibilities, where technology and human aspirations intersect. The imagery of “Silicon shores” and “cyber streams” paints a vivid picture of the fusion between the digital world and the human experience.

2. Transformation and Expansion
The poem portrays transhumanism as a journey of transformation and expansion. It speaks of breaking limits and embracing technology to transcend the boundaries of the human form. This transformation is not just physical but also involves the evolution of consciousness and thought, symbolized by the merging of “minds and wires.”

3. Ambivalence and Caution
Amidst the enthusiasm for progress, the poem introduces an element of caution. It acknowledges that the pursuit of transhumanism requires careful consideration of wisdom and ethics. The lines “let’s tread with care” and “safeguard empathy for all to share” emphasize the importance of maintaining our core human values as we advance.

4. Dual Nature of Progress
The poem presents a dual nature of progress. On one hand, there is the excitement of shedding the limitations of biology and unlocking new potential. On the other hand, the poem subtly hints at the risk of losing touch with our humanity in the process. The phrase “eternal life, a coveted quest, biology’s chains we long to divest” encapsulates this contrast.

5. The Quest for “Something More”
Throughout the poem, there’s an underlying theme of seeking “something more.” This desire to go beyond current limitations and to reach for higher levels of existence is a driving force behind the pursuit of transhumanism.

6. Rhythm and Flow
The poem is written in a rhythmic and flowing manner, which mirrors the idea of transformation and evolution. The verses move seamlessly, just as the merging of human and machine is depicted as a fluid process.

7. Thought-Provoking Question
The poem concludes with a thought-provoking question about the sufficiency of “backups” to restore “humanity.” This raises the concept of preserving the essence of what it means to be human even in a technologically altered state. It serves as a call to consider whether the quest for progress might inadvertently compromise our fundamental qualities.

Targeted Audience

The poem “SO BORED” by Mares P. W. is tailored for a specific audience intrigued by the interplay of science fiction, technology, and philosophy. This audience includes science fiction enthusiasts who appreciate speculative narratives, futuristic concepts, and the merging of human and technological aspects. Tech enthusiasts who are curious about the potential future directions of technology and its implications on humanity’s evolution would also find resonance in the poem’s themes.

Furthermore, the poem’s philosophical undertones and ethical considerations make it suitable for an audience interested in exploring the profound questions surrounding human nature, ethics, and morality in the context of technological progress. This could include philosophy lovers who enjoy contemplating the impact of advanced technology on society and individuals. Academics and researchers in fields like literature, philosophy, ethics, and technology studies would find value in its thoughtful exploration.

Ultimately, the poem’s imaginative language, rhythmic structure, and thought-provoking themes make it appealing to a broad audience, encompassing futurists, visionaries, artists, and general readers curious about the potential transformation of human existence through the integration of technology.